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Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung Building 5, Ludwig-Erhard-Saal
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Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung, Leibnitz Universität Hannover, Technische Universität Clausthal, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt, Technische Universität Braunschweig

FOR 2021: Acting principles of Nano-Scaled Matrix Additives for Composite Structures

Carbon fibre reinforced composites are well established for high performance applications in lightweight constructions. The interphase between load-bearing fibre and load-mediating polymer matrix has been optimized in countless studies over the past decades. The research of DFG-project FOR2021 initially approached macroscopic issues such as stiffness, crack resistance and shrinkage behaviour during curing which could not be improved without nanotechnology.

The used boehmite (AlOOH) nanoparticles enabled a comprehensive material design by modifying the surface properties with adsorbates and selectively bound molecules. Experiments and simulations on different size scales identified and implemented various new construction principles for the boehmite reinforced epoxy matrix, including controlling the curing reaction and especially network formation. An intelligent material design became accessible which reproducibly generates improved property profiles.

The members of the research group FOR 2021 cordially invite you to a scientific dialogue. We look forward to your contributions and suggestions.


09:00 - 09:20 Uhr Registration
09:20 Uhr

Welcome and orga remarks

Heinz Sturm, BAM and TU Berlin

09:30 Uhr

Fibre-reinforced Nanocomposites – Function principles from the nanoscale to lightweight structures – Theses

Michael Sinapius, TU Braunschweig IAF and DLR Braunschweig

09:45 Uhr

Interphase and long-range effects in boehmite /epoxy nanocomposites

Media Khorasani, BAM Berlin

Johannes Fankhänel, Leibniz U. Hannover ISD

10:20 Uhr

Mechanical coupling of matrix and nanoparticles depending on particle surface modifications

Ajmal Zarinwall, TU Braunschweig iPAT

Tassilo Waniek, BAM Berlin

11:05 Uhr

Mechanical properties of DGEBA epoxy resin – Insights from coarse-grained simulations

Atiyeh Mousavi, Leibniz U. Hannover, ISD

11:55 Uhr

Influence of boehmite nanoparticles on the mechanical behavior of fiber reinforced epoxy composites

Maximilian Jux, DLR Braunschweig

Johannes Fankhänel, Leibniz U. Hannover ISD

12:30 UhrLunch break
13:30 Uhr

Processing of surface modified nanoparticles – From dispersion to impregnation and curing of fiber reinforced composites

Benedikt Finke, TU Braunschweig iPAT

Dilmurat Abliz, TU Clausthal PuK

14:05 Uhr

Upscaling effects in nano particle modified fiber composites – from coupon to component level

Wibke Exner, DLR Braunschweig

Dilmurat Abliz, TU Clausthal PuK

14:40 UhrCoffe break
15:05 Uhr

Competition of mobilization and immobilization effects of segmental dynamics in epoxy-based nanocomposites

Paulina Szymoniak, BAM Berlin

15:40 Uhr

Invited: From Brittle to Tough – Nano Phase Toughened Composites

Bernd Wetzel, TU Kaiserslautern IVW

16:15 Uhr

Concluding remarks and farewell

Heinz Sturm, BAM and TU Berlin

Lab tour on request, please notify in email.


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