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Branch Adlershof

Branch Adlershof

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Aim of the Organic Trace and Food Analysis division is to make an active contribution towards improvement of the quality of life by acquiring, evaluating and exploiting new analytical results. This includes in particular the development and validation of standardisable analytical methods as well as contributions to quality assurance such as development of certified reference materials and the performance of proficiency tests.

Our work is focused on trace analysis of organic pollutants in food, environmental matrices and consumer products. A current issue in this area is the quantification of priority contaminants by means of chromatographic methods. Increasing emphasis is placed on the identification of natural transformation products and non-target analysis for authenticity studies.

Our activities in the fields of R&D, metrology, standardisation and transfer of knowledge and technology are part of national and international networks.


Ute Dorgerloh, Division Organic Trace and Food Analysis

“Aniline im Grundwassermonitoring - Ringversuch und Methodenvergleich”

Dr. Jan Lisec, Division Organic Trace and Food Analysis

“eCERTO - Neues online Tool zur Datenauswertung für Referenzmaterialien“

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