Division 8.5 Micro Non-Destructive Testing is currently seeking a student (w/m) for a master thesis

Starting date: June/July 2021, 6 months master’s internship/ 40 hours per month


Inconel 718 (IN718) is a γ’/γ’’ age hardenable alloy that results attractive to additive manufacturing (AM) due to its good weldability and high hardness. Among the different AM techniques, laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) has the advantage of high dimensional precision, minimal feed-stock waste and good surface integrity. On the other hand, LPBF is known to introduce large and complex residual stress (RS) that, if unmanaged, can lead to cracking and distortion. Mitigation of RS through optimization of the scan strategy in one of the solutions explored in the literature. Typically, post-processing heat treatments of IN718 alloys are used for RS relief, homogenization and improvement of the material strength by age hardening. Although the exact mechanisms are still subject of discussion in the literature, it is in generally accepted that the magnitude and trend of RS affect the microstructural evolution during heat treatment.

Your duties: The objective of this work is to determine the impact of RS and parent microstructure on the heat-treated microstructure. The selected candidate will be in charge of studying the influence of post process heat treatments on LPBF IN718 specimens manufactured via different scan strategies and/or geometries.


  • Master student (university/university of applied sciences)
  • Basic knowledge of analytical (optical microscopy, SEM, X-ray diffraction) and mechanical (static tensile, Vickers hardness) methods
  • Good knowledge of MS Office and basic knowledge of "scientific software" (e.g. Origine, Matlab)
  • Very good knowledge of written and spoken English
  • Good social and communication skills and capacity to work in a team as well as independently.


Dr. Itziar Serrano-Munoz
8.5 Micro Non-Destructive Testing
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