The Division Inorganic Trace Analysis is currently seeking a student (w/m/d) for a Master Thesis.


Laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) is increasingly used to study variations of trace element contents in organisms as well as interactions of biomolecules with metal-containing substances like Gd-based contrast agents or nanoparticles. Moreover, LA-ICP-MS is more and more becoming an important complementary technique in bioanalysis by using metal-tagged antibodies to determine biomolecules indirectly. Based on the specific binding between antibodies and their corresponding antigens, proteins and peptides can be localized in tissue or cell samples. Thereby a two-dimensional map of the distribution of naturally occurring elements, administered drugs and biomolecules can be generated. Bioimaging experiments are very helpful to study disease related changes.

Your tasks:

The aim of the master thesis project is to improve LA-ICP-MS based elemental mapping of biological samples. Antibodies should be tagged with metals and the conjugates should be characterized. Afterwards the tagged antibodies should be applied for the localization of the corresponding biomolecules in tissue thin sections.
Your work is a part of an interdisciplinary project with Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin and will be done in close cooperation with the project partners. 


  • Studies of chemistry, biochemistry, or related subjects
  • Experience in the field of analytical chemistry and/or biochemistry is advantageous
  • Interest in application-oriented research at the interface between analytical chemistry and medicine

It is possible to perform a practical course (Praktikum) on this topic prior to the master thesis. Practical course and master thesis are not compensated.


Dr. Jessica Saatz, Division Inorganic Trace Analysis
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Dr. Heike Traub, Division Inorganic Reference Materials
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