The Division Interfacial Processes and Corrosion (6.2, Lichterfelde West) is seeking a student for a master thesis on

Synthesis and characterization of epoxy thin films as model coating for high resolution corrosion studies on AA2024-T3 aluminium alloys.

Aluminium alloys are extensively used in aerospace and automotive applications due to their high strength and low weight. The microstructural heterogeneity improves the me-chanical properties, but the formation of intermetallic particles (IMPs) leads to a higher susceptibility of aluminium alloy to galvanic corrosion. The complex structure and composi-tion of the intermetallic particles (IMPs) hinder a thorough understanding of the corrosion and delamination processes at buried interfaces between coatings and metal surfaces.
The goal of this master thesis will be the development of thin epoxy-based films, that will act as model systems for studying high resolution corrosion process with different analyti-cal techniques. It is also possible to perform a compulsory practical course (Praktikum) on this topic prior to the master thesis.


• Bachelor’s degree in chemistry, polymer chemistry, physical chemistry or related fields
• Experience in electrochemistry
• Experience in the synthesis, characterization, and functionalization of thin polymer films is advantageous
• Interest in surface characterization methods; practical experiences are advantageous
• Ability to work independently
• Good English skills


Dr.-Ing Özlem Özcan Sandikcioglu
Division Interfacial Processes and Corrosion
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Dr. rer. nat. Julia Witt
6.2 Interfacial Processes and Corrosion
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