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Division 8.2

Non-destructive Damage Assessment and Environmental Measurement Methods

Ultrasonic echo measurement on concrete structures

Ultrasonic echo measurement with two transducers for non-destructive testing on concrete structures

The prime topic of Division 8.2 is the promotion, improvement and enhancement of practical applications of non-destructive testing methods in civil engineering (NDT-CE). The compilation of standards for these applications is supported.

Non-destructive testing methods are typically applied in specific situations where damage or accidents have occured. In addition, they can be very efficient tools in quality assurance and thus support the creation of durable and safe structures. Increased interest of industry and public administration is expressed through the number of joint research projects. The area on environmental measurement methods is in creation and will address relevant topics of environmental interest in civil engineering and geotechniques. The available technology will be applied to new thematic areas and methods will be transferred from adjoining disciplines.

Working areas

In cooperation with other BAM departments, industry, public administration and universities the projects, all of them additionally funded by third parties, are being executed.

Field tests on numerous structures of different types (reinforced concrete structures, post-tensioned concrete structures, e. g. bridges, roads, foundations, dams, railroads, housing and industrial buildings, masonry, historic monuments, etc.) are performed within research cooperations or test contracts. For this purpose, up-to-date and effective facilities are available. The combination of methods is becoming inceasingly important. In addition, on the campus of BAM two large scale specimens are located: one large reinforced concrete slab and a wall made of historic masonry.

Consulting and information about non-destructive testing methods is carried out intensively, promoting the application of NDT-CE methods.
Standardisation of NDT-CE methods is actively supported through participation in and cooperation with national and international standardisation organisations.

Fields of competence

Special topics

Test specimen and test facilities


Department 8



Division 8.2

Division 8.2

Dir. u. Prof.

Dr. rer. nat.
Herbert Wiggenhauser
Unter den Eichen 87
12205 Berlin
+49 30 8104-1440

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