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Dynamics in construction and transportation

Vibration of a 25-storey office building due to railway traffic

Measurement and calculation of the vibration of a 25-storey office building due to railway traffic

The main area of expertise is ground-borne vibration and all related questions: The excitation of vibration, the wave propagation through the soil and the transfer from the soil to the building. Concerning the excitation, there is a lot of experience about construction work, pile driving, road and rail traffic. The ground-borne vibration due to these different sources have been measured for many cases. Special experiments are performed to determine the properties of the soil, namely the speed of wave propagation. Concerning the immission in buildings, the vibration characteristics of very different buildings - from single-storey residential buildings to high-rise office towers – are calculated by detailed finite-element or simplified models and checked by measurements. Elements, materials and complete solutions for the reduction of vibrations are investigated for machine foundations, railway tracks and buildings.


Testing facilities of this Working Group

Test rig for model foundation
Fully equipped truck for dynamic measurements.

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