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Division 1.4

Process Analytical Technology

500 MHz online NMR spectrometer for process spectroscopy

500 MHz online NMR spectrometer for process spectroscopy

The focus of Division 1.4 Process Analytical Technology (PAT) is the development and application of such technologies. This includes development and validation of analytical on-line and at-line methods. Analytical on-line methods can instantaneously be applied to running production and manufacturing processes without the necessity of sampling. At-line methods are manual or semi-automatic and require sample analysis close to the plant. During at-line analysis the sample could be affected by sample changes.

Process analytical technology becomes more important, especially in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry, manufacture, agriculture or environmental protection. This results in being able to understand the well thought-through processes which are used as a basis for achieving optimal design ("quality by design") and allows for continuous monitoring and quality control of products and materials.

Process analytical techniques require a high measure of reliability with respect to technical functionality, analytical precision, ruggedness and safety. This reliability has to be guaranteed. Process analytical technology is expected to have a considerable impact on chemical and pharmaceutical production and manufacturing in the coming years and hence will heavily influence the market.

The Division supports process analytical technology by research, development and public discussion in:


Methods, processes und test equipment


100 years process analytical technology  (1913-2013)


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